Proaxxs Legal Information

"Quick Reference Guide" of service requirements:

We've provided this 'quick reference guide' of some of the most common questions that come up regarding our legal policies. This is not a complete list of all our policies, and this summary does not serve as a replacement for reading and agreeing to our terms and conditions, acceptable use policy or privacy policy. 
Before you can order any services from Proaxxs, you are required to read in full and agree to our Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy.


Payment must be received by 11:59pm (GMT) on the day invoices are due
The minimum contract period is one (1) month, renewed for further one (1) month periods (month to month)
You may cancel your service at any time, however requests must be received at least two (2) days prior to your renewal date.
All cancellation requests must be submitted to the Cancellation Department via our online ticketing system, or by filling out our form to the cancellation department.
We do not permit IRC on our network.
Proaxxs respects the privacy and security of its customers and users of its website. However, we may need to disclose your information to other companies in order to process and/or provide services ordered. Full details of how we collect, use and disclose your information is available in our privacy policy.
Our acceptable use policies are based on our upstream policies and can not be changed in any way, as we must also adhere to these policies as well.

Before You Sign-Up

As with all of our services it is required that you read the terms of service and the acceptable use policy before purchasing any services from us.

Each service we offer (Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Design, Etc.) has their own acceptable use policy that outline what you can and can't do with your Proaxxs account.

Every account is bound by both "terms of service" and "acceptable use policy" specific to that account type.

Please read the policy that applies to your services:

Any questions regarding these agreements should be sent to Proaxxs sales department prior to signing up for service.