Whether you order a server from us or someone else, we can manage it!

We offer high quality server administration services for hundreds of clients ranging from individuals & hobbyist to small & enterprise size businesses. If you want to stay secure and online, we're the team for you! We have server administration technicians around the globe that monitor the Proaxxs helpdesk 24/7 every day of the year. All server management plans include our basic 24/7 server monitoring. And our Premium management plan includes end user outsourced hosting support. Please see below for a full list of the services we offer.

If you order an unmanaged server, the server management packages can be selected either when ordering your server on our order form or purchased at any point after by contacting our sales team. You can even purchase one of our plans if you have a server elsewhere and need server management. Our server management service is ideal for everyone - whether you simply need a 'fall back' or require a full administration service.

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Proaxxs Server Management Packages

Server Administration
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Extended Monitoring Service includes: PING, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, FTP, any custom port, as well as any one site URL


**Premium Admin - Anonymous Outsourced Hosting End-User Support: If you are looking for someone to take care of your tickets, we can do this for you. With our Premium Admin Plan our experienced techs will take care of your tickets in your helpdesk, using your signature. All replies will appear as if it comes from your support department. Have us handle your end-user support issues, so you can free up your time and concentrate on marketing your business!

As with all of our services it is required that you read the terms of service and the acceptable use policy before purchasing any services from us.

If you have multiple servers, or simply want your own server admins and you don't need a fully dedicated team but need something better than a shared plan, this is for you. This will give you the same techs working for you everyday. We have a plan for just about any budget - See our SD Plans

If some services are down, should I submit a ticket or do you handle this automatically?

If we are alerted that your server is down or some services are down, we will login to your server right away and fix it. Your server is monitored 24/7 via our monitoring system.

Is your management service proactive?

Our proactive server management is available on plans except our basic admin plan. Once we notice your server is overloading or if there is a problem with your server, we will login to your server and investigate it and fix it.

What's the difference in Reactive vs. Proactive?

With reactive server management, we completely manage your server, however you must "request" services to be performed. With proactive server management, we monitor and manage your server and when notified by our monitoring system of an issue we login to your server and fix it. This requires very little if any intervention by you.

Is it really true that I can send unlimited tickets?

Yes, as long as it's related to the server problem.

Do you support phone or msn chat?

No. Only helpdesk tickets. We think you will be impressed with the speed of our support team.

Are there any discounts if I have all my servers managed by you?

Yes, please contact sales.

If I change my root password, should I inform you?

Yes! This is very important so we can monitor your server carefully. We need the password to do monthly updates of your server and fix any errors quickly.

Do you do 3rd party software installs on my server?

With our complete admin and premium admin plans, we will do all 3rd party software installs you require. All other admin plans will be charged at hourly server administration rate.

Are there any hidden fees?


Are my servers password and other server details treated securely?

Yes. We keep your password and other server details protected and only those responsible techs have access to them.

If you do end user support, how do you set this up and would my customer know?

The best way to handle this is to set up a help desk or billing/support type system such as clientexec or whmcs. Then set up a staff account so our techs can login to answer all your support tickets. You will need to set up mail forwarders to notify us when a ticket is opened. This is all done through your help desk so your customer would receive replies coming from you, with the signature you supply. Your customer would never be contacted directly through email.

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