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You have reached an exclusive promotional page for dedicated servers that are not advertised to the general public. Limited to Availability - Get 'em While You Can!
All servers listed here are special configurations and/or at rock bottom pricing and available for a limited time only. Depending on availability (supply & demand), the server configurations and pricing could change daily.


Discounted Limited Time Specials - Limited to Availability



Server Processor HDD RAM Transfer Per Mo  








*Our Preconfigured Servers Cannot be Modified or Upgraded


With managed servers we can manage everything including optional end user support!

Our unmanaged dedicated servers give you the most flexibility for customization. Our unmanaged dedicated servers come complete with root access and we load your choice of Linux operating system free, however you can have your choice of OS loaded for you or you can load it from the web. You can install any software and control panels that you prefer, if needed.

In simple terms, an unmanaged dedicated server means you are responsible for every aspect of maintaining the server, from installing upgrades and patches and ensuring server uptime.

Unmanaged is just that - "Unmanaged" - Hardware failures are our problem. Software and services are yours. We do not monitor the server or check logs for you. Reboots of course are always free.

If you are inexperienced or need any services done for you, then we recommend that you order server management with your server.


Normal build time is 24-72 hours (business days only) depending on server configuration, and work load - Expedited service available!

Before You Sign-Up

As with all of our services it is required that you read the terms of service and the acceptable use policy before purchasing any services from us.

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