Service Cancellation/Feedback Form

We understand that sometimes a cancellation may be necessary, however if your cancellation is due to anything related to unresolved support issues, we would appreciate it if you would discuss this with us, as sometimes management isn't even aware of some issues. Our management will attempt to resolve any issues you may have, and provide a fair resolution, if possible. If you would like to continue the cancellation process please read the following and then fill out the form below for proper cancellation


> You must use your registered email address
> Cancellation requests are only processed using this form or by opening a ticket to the cancellation dept.
> You must send a cancellation request for every service you wish to cancel
> Cancellation requests sent via email, phone or instant messenger will not be processed
> You will be responsible for any fees that accrue until you properly cancel your service
> See terms that apply to your service:


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You must submit a separate cancellation for each service

Please make sure you entered your registered email address or we may never receive your request. IMPORTANT: Your service is not canceled until you receive verification from us - If you do not hear back from us in 24 hours you should open a ticket in our helpdesk
You can also cancel your service by logging into our helpdesk and submit your cancellation by opening a ticket to the "Cancellation Dept."